Ladies Night: A Success

By Tim and Tom Readling

Chef Don NilsonChef Don Nilson

What could possibly cause rising senior running back Trevor Steele and rising sophomore defensive back Travis Lucas to flee to the exit of Miriam and Robert Hayes Fieldhouse on Friday evening?

It was Ladies Night.

The two players dropped their mothers off and bolted for the doors.

The third annual Catawba College Ladies Night drew a record crowd that enjoyed the humorous chef Don Nilson of Chartwells and the football insight of Catawba football head coach Chip Hester.

Aiding the sixth year head coach with questions from the crowd were rising senior tight end Shane Timmons and rising junior defensive back Keith Brown.

Everybody learned something on Friday night. Hester is now aware that onions look transparent when they are fully cooked.

The event, coordinated by Gordon Kirkland, was a night to talk sports and food without the husbands.

"What should be the temperature inside of a hamburger after it has been cooked?" asked Chef Nilson.

Quickly, ladies around the room began to answer and it was not long before 158 degrees was said.

What is a nickel defense?

Nobody in the crowd acknowledged that they understood the defensive formation.

However, by the end of the night, most of the women were certain they now held the upper hand of football knowledge against their husbands.

Hester gave a preview of his upcoming team in 2007 and gave remarks of new plans that he has decided to implement in the Catawba program.

Taken from Georgia Bulldogs head coach Mark Richt's system of "Men of Character between the Hedges", Hester will put a spin on it to convert it to a program that addresses concepts he feels are worth discussing.

The freshman class will cover topics such as study skills and rules of Catawba College. The sophomores will talk about leadership.

Hester feels that leadership is a very important aspect of the game and wants to stress the importance of becoming a leader. "I used to tell a player to be a leader, but they just started to fuss more at their teammates," Hester recalled.

Rounding out the new program for the players, the junior class will have team-building studies, while the senior class will go through leadership training.

The head coach was only beginning his night with his statements, as he was now on the hot seat for answering questions. Tippie Miller was the spokeswomen for he onslaught of football-based questions.

1. How do you feel about players celebrating of college football and what is your opinion of the rule in the NCAA?

Hester believed that if the National Football League would crackdown on their players celebrating inappropriately, the NCAA players would stop their actions based on the NFL.

2. Who is talking to you through the headset you wear on game days? Is anybody talking to you?

Hester joked that it was simply a noise muffler at first, but then he explained that he has two different feeds he can listen to, with them being a channel for offense and one for defense.

Hester gave a specific example of what a headset can do during a game, such as a change in coverage based on personnel, but it mostly seemed like Hester's remarks went over each woman's head.

3. What are nickel and dime defenses?

The head coach allowed defensive back Keith Brown to answer the brainteaser. "In a nickel defense, you take out one linebacker for a defensive back, which brings a total of five defensive backs on the field," commented Brown.

4. What is a play action pass and when do you use it?

The rest of the questions asked at Ladies Night:

5. What is a screen pass and how do you use it?

6. What is a blitz?

7. What is a walk on player?

8. Which team decides which color to wear for the football games?

9. What is a special team?

10. What is an onside kick?

11. How does watching tape help in strategy for a game?

As the questions came to a close, the event was officially recognized as being the best yet by Tippie Miller.

What was learned at Ladies Night?

The benefits and drawbacks of organic food, the reason for the spinach health disaster months ago, and how to cook the perfect stuffed chicken breast.

Although Hester answered many football questions, his football strategy and tendencies were in no danger of being discussed on Ladies Night.

Bon Appetit.

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