New Chiefs Club Members

Welcome to our new Chiefs Club members who were not members last year!

Below is a list of the new Chiefs Club members for the June 1, 2021-May 31, 2022 fiscal year.

Abernethy, J. W. Chief
Adam Taylor Farms Indian
Albemarle Paper Supply War Chief
Allen, Trevor J. Indian
American Solutions for Business Indian
Apone, Julia Chief
Avent, Kenneth G. Tribal Chief
Babos, Kelsey E. Indian
Bailey, Jodi S. Chief
Baker, Allison V. Indian
Barco, James M. Indian
Barnes, Barbara Indian
Barnes, Curtis Indian
Barnhart, Kelly War Chief
Barrett, Matthew G. Indian
Bateman, Tabitha E. Chief
Boler, Scotty F. Chief
Bost, A. H. Indian
Brawley, Carlee Y. Indian
Broome, Laurie Chief
Brown, Daryll N. Indian
Brown, David Chief
Brown, Thomas L. Tribal Chief
Budd, Robert D. Super Chief
Burns, Timothy S. Indian
Camps, W. D. Chief
Caraccio Inc. dba Not Just Franks Indian
Caraccio, Frank Indian
Carlton, Frances K. Indian
Carlton, Morgan K. Indian
Carrick, Kenneth D. Indian
Carrigan, Keith Indian
Carswell, Jeremy A. War Chief
Carter, Luke G. Indian
Caskey, Michael D. War Chief
Cato, Tommie D. Indian
Christie, Brandon N. Super Chief
Cindy Morgan Insurance Agency Indian
City of Legends Indian
Clement, Donald Indian
Clevenger, Holly C. Chief
Clevenger, Michael S. Chief
Cohen, Loree War Chief
Cohen, Tommy M. War Chief
Cone, Clayton C. Super Chief
Cook, Allen D. Super Chief
Cox, Lauren V. War Chief
Culvers Salisbury (SNC Burger LLC) War Chief
Davenport, Tony P. Chief
Davis & Davis Law Firm Tribal Chief
Davis Group, P.A., CPAs Indian
Davis, James A. Super Chief
Davis, Jason S. Tribal Chief
Davis, Jonathan D. Indian
Dawson, William Indian
Dayvault, Ryan G. Indian
Dean, Jordan N. Indian
Dearborn, Barbara Indian
Derrick, Christopher W. Chief
Deters, Lauren F. Indian
Di Puorto, Lauren L. Chief
DJ's Restaurant Tribal Chief
Downs, Michael K. Indian
Durham, David B. Tribal Chief
Dyer, Les Indian
Earnhardt, John Chief
East Innes Street Seafood - Blue Bay Indian
Edds, Gregory C. Indian
Eggleston, John W. Chief
Eidson, Melinda A. Indian
El Patron Mexican Grill & Cantina LLC Indian
Ellie's Coffee Shop Indian
Ellis, Mitchell D. Indian
Emerick, Thomas W. Indian
Eppehimer, Trevor H. Indian
Evans, Bryan W. War Chief
F & M Bank Platinum Chief
Father & Son Produce Market LLC Tribal Chief
Faulkner, William Indian
Faustino, George Indian
Ferguson, William L. Tribal Chief
Fesperman, Gary Indian
Film to Field War Chief
Finger, Jackson M. Indian
Fisher, Sue Chief
Flack, Daniel T. Indian
Flynn, Mark J. Chief
Fowler, Keith Indian
Frederick, Michael L. War Chief
Frock, John D. Tribal Chief
Frye, Nathan C. Indian
Gaither, Arnold M. Indian
Gale, Donald A. Chief
Gantt, Jim Tribal Chief
Gibson, Caitlin G. Indian
GNC Salisbury Indian
Goertzen, Sydney J. Indian
Goodman, Francis E. War Chief
Goodman, Richard Indian
Goodnight, Cress Indian
Graham Roofing Inc. Indian
Gray, Ethan M. Indian
Gregoire, Gerard A. Indian
Gurley, E. M. War Chief
Hales, Nicole S. Chief
Hall, Calvin A. Indian
Hammond, Jennifer D. Indian
Hand, James W. Super Chief
Hartsell, Wes Indian
Haven Building, LLC Indian
Haynes, Vernon B. Chief
Hedrick, Dwight L. War Chief
Heidrick, Leslie Indian
Helms, John Indian
Hendrix, Larry Indian
Henry, Keith D. Chief
Hicks, William A. Chief
Holcomb, Kathryn S. Indian
Holmes Investment Company Lifetime Chief
Hoover, Christopher P. Chief
Huneycutt, Michael Indian
Hunter, Madison K. Indian
Hurley, Gerry T. Lifetime Chief
James, William R. Indian
Jarrell, Charles D. War Chief
Jennings, Mark Indian
Jensen, Jacquelyn Indian
Jensen, Joseph C. Indian
Jeter's Deli Cafe Indian
Jimenez, Kristofer Chief
Jimmy R. Lynch & Sons, Inc. Chief
Jobe, Anne Indian
Johnson, Cory W. Indian
Johnson, Sauni F. Chief
Jones, Bruce D. Tribal Chief
Kale, John S. War Chief
Kessler, Sloan E. Indian
Knowles, James Chief
Kolbus, Erin Indian
Latimer, Harrison A. War Chief
Long, Stephen D. Indian
Long, Steven D. Indian
Longwell, Jennifer M. Indian
Lynch, Daniel Super Chief
Manning, Alfred F. Indian
Marley, William E. War Chief
Marsh, Jermon D. Indian
Mauldin, Julie Indian
McCutcheon, Terence A. War Chief
McDowell, James M. Indian
McKenzie, Kevin Indian
McMillan, Kevin N. Indian
McSween, Kemphis J. Indian
Miller, Clifton R. Tribal Chief
Mills, Beth Indian
Moore, S. Glenn War Chief
Moose, James M. Chief
Morgan, Janice J. Tribal Chief
Morman, Eric R. Indian
Moyer, Scott Indian
Munday, Kelly A. Indian
Mundy, Marty P. Chief
Murphy, James A. Chief
Mykonos Chief
Nicholson, Matthew A. Chief
Overcash, Thomas L. Super Chief
Parks, Brent H. War Chief
Partee, Jonathan T. Super Chief
Patrick, Nikki Super Chief
Patterson, Michaela D. Chief
Peacock, Benjamin Chief
Pieczynski, William C. Indian
Plummer, Joshua O. Indian
Plummer, Stephen War Chief
Poole, Buddy Indian
Poole, Glenda D. Super Chief
Poole, Lance Indian
Post, David B. Chief
Poteat, Lee Indian
Potemra, Colan P. Indian
Powell, Edwin S. War Chief
Puccinelli, Luke O. Chief
Purcell, Grayland Chief
Purpur, Eileen M. Indian
Redcay, Christopher B. Chief
Reefe, Edward War Chief
Reese, Corey M. War Chief
Reid, Darrin L. Chief
Rhodes, J. E. Chief
Rich, John M. Super Chief
Richard's Barbecue Indian
Ricker, Julie M. Indian
Rigsbee, Timothy C. Chief
Rowden, Kasey A. Indian
Saak, Brendan K. Indian
Sabia, Kristen C. Indian
Salisbury Audiology Indian
Salisbury Flower Shop Indian
Salisbury Motor Company, Inc. Chief
Salisbury Salon & Spa Indian
Sam's Car Wash, Inc. Indian
Sam's Express Care Indian
Sconyers, Lester G. War Chief
Secrest, Chad A. Chief
Sharpe, Curtis Indian
Shaughnessy, Stephen E. Chief
Sheehan, Michael L. War Chief
Shields, Gregory Indian
Shue, Kathy D. Indian
Shuping, Steven J. Chief
Sifford, John C. Indian
Simpson, Jeremy Indian
Skaggs, Lee Indian
Smith, Emily H. Indian
Smith, Jason Super Chief
Snider, Tracy Chief
Snyder, Zachary R. Chief
Solomonson, Daryl Chief
Speaks Custom Windows & Sunrooms, LLC War Chief
Spry, Jonas Indian
Squirewell, Cedric Chief
Stiller, Jerry Indian
Stopper, Craig Indian
Strange, Jason W. Indian
Stringer, Erin E. Indian
Summers, Derrick J. Indian
Summersett Funeral Home, Inc. Indian
Szalay, Ryan J. Chief
Taylor Clay Products, Inc. Indian
Taylor, Adam G. Indian
Taylor, Betty J. War Chief
Teague, Phillip L. War Chief
The Forum of Salisbury - The Forum Fitness Center Chief
The Lettered Lily Design Studio Indian
The Raven Rock Group, LLC Tribal Chief
The Revival Golf Course War Chief
The Trophy House of Salisbury Indian
Thom, Brock P. Chief
Thompson, Jack V. Indian
Ting Hao Chinese Restaurant Indian
Tokyo Express Indian
Top China & Japan Indian
Trident Insured, LLC Indian
Tucker, Reggie Indian
Tyner Beck, Brittany A. Indian
Vanderslice, Scott M. War Chief
Vanhorenbeck, Michael Tribal Chief
Wall, Derrick M. Indian
Wall, Eddie F. Indian
Wallace, Rodney J. Indian
Waller, Trent T. Indian
Waln, Daniel L. Indian
Walser, Brooke N. Indian
Walters, Charlie R. Indian
Watson, Jacqueline S. War Chief
Weeks, Jeremy H. Indian
Weiker, J. R. Tribal Chief
Weycker, Mark S. Indian
Whitley, Cecil L. Indian
Wild, Joe A. Indian
Windsor Gallery, Inc. Tribal Chief
Wingo, Andrew J. War Chief
Witmer, James V. War Chief
Woodleaf Lanes Indian
WSAT Indian
Wylie, Colin C. Indian
Zavodny, Jon Chief

Updated: 3/28/22

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